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Fireplace Styles

Vent Free Fireplace Styles

Single Sided / Traditional Vent Free Fireplaces

Single Sided Vent Free FireplacesSingle sided or traditional Vent Free Fireplaces are considered to be the standard for most indoor installations. These fireplaces resemble a tradition fireplace in that the viewing area is only visible from one side. Vent free fireplaces are often chosen for their easy of installation and efficiency. Vent Free Fireplaces do not require any outside venting and draw air for combustion from the interior air supply. All vent free units are required to and have an oxygen depletion sensor for safety.

See Thru Vent Free Fireplaces

See Thru Vent Free FireplacesSee Thru Vent Free Fireplaces are multi sided fireplaces that provide both a front and rear viewing area. These fireplaces can be used between two rooms or as a divider in a large room. See thru vent free fireplaces can be installed in most places within the home. There are regulations that govern the maximum BTU's that can be installed in a bedroom or bathroom. All See thru Vent Free Fireplaces units will have an oxygen depletion sensor installed for safety.

Peninsula Vent Free Fireplaces

Peninsula Vent Free FireplacesPeninsula Vent Free Fireplaces are multi sided fireplaces that provide three separate viewing areas. These fireplaces are generally used as a divider in a great room or large open space. Peninsula vent free fireplaces can be installed just about any place that can accommodate the the units. All Peninsula Vent Free Fireplaces require no venting to bring in outside air and use the interior air supply for combustion.

Single Sided / Traditional / Multi Sided Vent Free Fireboxes

Single Sided / Traditional / Multi Sided Vent Free FireboxesVent Free Fireboxes just like vent free fireplaces come in vent free single sided fireboxes and vent free multi sided fireboxes configurations. Vent Free fireboxes are just as they sound, a fire box these boxes do not include logs, burners or ignition systems unless otherwise stated. Vent free fireboxes require the addition of a vent free log and burner set that fit the box (minimum hearth dimensions).

Vent Free Stoves

Vent Free StovesDirect Vent Stoves are ideal as a stand alone heating solution that requires no vent and is exceptional easy to install. Vent Free stoves are stand alone, compact, efficient units that add an old world look to any room. All Vent Free Stoves like all vent free products are a equipped with a oxygen depletion sensor for safety.

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